The whole Parma area is outstanding on the oenogastronomic point of view. Tipical cuisine is strictly related to the land. It is possible to find different kind of tipical food travelling from the plane area, near river Po, up to the hills, the Apennine.

Our hill area, between Langhirano, Felino, Lesignano, Tizzano, Palanzano and Corniglio, offers the best conditions for the production of Prosciutto di Parma DOP (Parma Ham), Parmigiano-Reggiano DOP and vini di Colli di Parma DOP
But more excellences are to be known. What follows is a complete list of Parma products.
The production of genuine Parma Ham is the story of a special relationship between man and nature. Since Roman times, the unique conditions of the Parma region have made it possible to produce the highest quality hams that have been appreciated by gourmets for centuries. ‘Prosciutto’ is from the Latin ‘perexsuctum’ meaning ‘dried’ – an indication of the purity of Parma Ham production and its ancient roots. [see more]
Parmigiano-Reggiano, as we say in Parma, “is not a cheese”… It is a unique product, made out from selected and pure ingredients, without any preservative. [see more]
Malvasia, Sauvignon Blanc, Lambrusco…are some of the vineyards name for the sparkling and delicious wines called Vini dei Colli DOP [see more]
Not to be forgotten is Salame di Felino, obtained thanks to a good sinergy of natural anf human aspects, which give life to a perfect product. [see more]
A real treat is Tartufo Nero di Fragno, a delicious earth fruit, a real underground treasure. Its intense fragrance and taste makes it one of most mysterious beings of vegetal domain. [see more]
Spongata di Corniglio, a flat round cake made with a thin, crunchy pastry dough, covered with powdered sugar. It has a soft, light-brown filling with a very pronounced, spiced flavor. [see more]

 In the whole area many are the Food Museums, which inform us about history products, and Festivals, to celebrate our products, enjoy tasting them and offer a tasting to the interested turist:
- Museum of the Prosciutto [see]
- Salami Museum [see]
- Wine Museum [see]
- Parma Ham Festival, each September in Langhirano and Parma [see]
- Open Wine Cellars, Parma [see]
- Fragno Black Truffle Festival [see]
Oenogastronomic routes:
- Strada del prosciutto e dei Vini dei Colli official site [see]