Easter in Sacreterre

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Easter weekend with us and our partners for a unique experience among spirit, nature and taste itineraries.

We welcome you to stay with us, enjoying the beauty of the place, and experiencing the many opportunities that Val Parma and its sorroundings offer to you: lovely walks in nature looking for ancient little churches (go), visits to the famous Torrechiara Castle, tasting stops at local producers -Colli di Parma Dop wines, Parma Ham Dop- and dining at a typical restaurant with live music (link). Everything is guaranteed by the membership of every partner to “Parma nel cuore del gusto” Club and Wonderfood Italy



n. 1 OVERNIGHT + breakfast with welcome appetizer for 2 persons  € 70,00

n. 2 OVERNIGHTS + breakfast with welcome appetizer for 2 persons  €125,00

n. 3 PERNOTTAMENTI +breakfast with welcome appetizer for 2 persons   € 180,00



n. 1 OVERNIGHT +breakfast for 4 PERSONS FAMILY € 140,00

n. 2 OVERNIGHTS +breakfast for 4 PERSONS FAMILY € 200,00

n. 3 OVERNIGHTS+ +breakfast for 4 PERSONS FAMILY  € 250,00

Children free til 5 years old; added bed € 20,00

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